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We do not know where to start presenting our wide range of furniture. Beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas & couches, shelves, wall units …. There are just so many beautiful furniture in different styles and colors. The best way to look around and discover our range yourself. We are happy to help you to find the right furniture for every room in our online shop:


Maybe we’ll start in the room where we spend most of our time – the bedroom. Why do we spend most of our time here? Because you’re probably going to sleep 6-8 hours almost every night, right? In order to sleep always perfectly and wake up in the morning, you need next to your bedstead with matching mattress & slatted base and also other furniture and decorations to transform your bedroom into a place of relaxation.

Of course, it depends on your taste. Romantic metal bed, modern futon bed or for those who want to get the hotel feeling home maybe a comfortable box spring bed. Of course, the wardrobe should not be missing. But here are the questions quickly, which cabinet do i have to get? A revolving door or rather a sliding door wardrobe?

How much space do I need? Is there enough room in my bedroom for a dresser or a sideboard? In addition to the question of which furniture you put in your bedroom, you should also optimize for the right design. Which colors do you like? Do you like classic and timeless white, or do you want to get a bit more rustic with furniture in a beautiful wooden tone? No matter which furniture or bed you choose, with FURNITURE AFFORDABLE you can comfortably furnish your bedroom. In addition, bedding, a rug and curtains add extra touches to make your home feel more comfortable.

Living room:

In the living room, the main question is the right seating. Here, of course, the choice of the right sofa is in the foreground. Do I take a smaller sofa in combination with a comfortable TV armchair and matching stool? Or rather a cozy Bigsofa or a comfortable corner sofa with sleep function? Of course, a sofa from a room does not make a complete living room. For this you need many other furniture. To create a coffee table or a side table to create storage space and shelves to store your books, CD’s and DVD’s. Of course, a TV lowboard or a wall unit should not be missing. So you always have a perfect view of your TV. You can choose between very different styles at FURNITURE AFFORDABLE. Rustic in wood or modern furniture in high-gloss look.

Dining room

In the dining room you should think about the right choice of dining table with matching chairs before you go shopping. How much space do I need to set a table? Do I often have guests? How big should the new table be? Do I want a glass or wood dining room table? In addition to chairs and tables you also need chests of drawers, or maybe a shelf, sideboards and showcases to have enough storage space for tablecloths, dishes or glasses. The same applies to the kitchen. Combine a modern fitted kitchen with a chic kitchen table in country style and different chairs or a bar with matching stools. With just a few simple steps, you can achieve a skilful break in style through your kitchen furniture, which nevertheless looks harmonious.

It all depends on the details!

If you value quality, you do not have to look far from us. In addition to the design of our furniture, we pay attention to the details and the quality of our materials. If you are looking for furniture with a timeless design or are looking for extraordinary highlights in your furniture, then POCO is the place for you. How about showcases where the corners are glazed? For example, you can create atmospheric accents in the living room or dining room with additional lighting. In many furniture, such as in residential walls, chests of drawers or cupboards, the handles of the drawers, doors or flaps are made of durable plastic or metal.

For many chairs or armchairs, the legs are made of solid wood and always selected to match the cover. For example, you can find chairs with gray or black upholstery combined with white chair legs, or colonial-colored feet on armchairs in vintage & country house style. We also attach great importance to the quality and durability of hinges. Because what brings you sturdy wood and sturdy handles, if the hinges of your furniture quickly break down and must be replaced.

The right care makes it longlife furniture!

It is certainly clear to you that you have to maintain your wooden garden furniture. After the winter they should be oiled and maybe sanded off once. But even your furniture in the apartment need the right care to stay beautiful for a long time. For example, glossy furniture should not be wiped with a microfiber cloth. The small fibers make very fine scratches in the surfaces. After wiping over it you will probably see no difference, but if you wipe the fronts of your living room or your kitchen regularly they will eventually dull and lose shine. Kitchen worktops are usually less sensitive, as you can cut vegetables or put a hot pot aside. Nevertheless, you should also clean your work surfaces regularly. However, furniture made of real wood is particularly sensitive and in need of care. For example, if you have a table, do not wipe it too wet, and be careful not to leave any liquid on the table. In the long term, your table may swell and get nasty cracks.

So, when you buy furniture, find out about the right care for your furniture.

Take a look here in our online shop or visit us in one of our stores. With our furniture and accessories, you can create your own living space – and always at a reasonable price.

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